Kempston Community Association (Registered charity No.1109049) is seeking new Trustees to assist in the oversight and strategic management of the Addison Centre.   Ideally we are looking for people with a background in a business or commercial environment or a successful record of self-employment.   Experience in information technology, property management, finance or grant application would be particularly welcome to enhance the skill set of the existing trustees.  Potential trustees must be over 18 years of age and agree to be the subject of background checks.   

The Addison Centre is a community owned asset built to provide a centre for the benefit of all local residents and organisations.   It was opened in 1969 and later enlarged such that is now comprises a large hall, a side reception area, licenced bar, large catering kitchen and administrative office.   There is also car parking for 90 cars. 

The Centre is available for hire from 09.00 - 23.59 Monday - Saturday.   The Grace Church has arranged to hire the Centre for the whole day on Sundays throughout the year until further notice.

The Trustees employ five part-time employees to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the Centre. 

Currently there are five Trustees who are all volunteers and who receive no remuneration.  They meet on a formal basis once a month.  Although the defined duties of a Trustee can sometimes appear quite onerous in practice they are relatively simple.  The existing Trustees ensure -

  • the building and other estate is being properly maintained
  • sufficient funds are available to meet all liabilities
  • income is achieved through appropriate letting rates and from grant-making bodies
  • expenditure is monitored and controlled
  • that the centre projects itself appropriately to the local community
  • employees are properly remunerated and that their health, safety and welfare is ensured 

The number of Trustees has recently reduced as both the previous Chairman and Vice-Chairman stepped down following many years of dedicated service, including guiding the Centre during a long period of closure due to the restrictions imposed by covid.  The remaining Trustees are extremely grateful for their efforts and are now looking to move the Centre further forward in the post-pandemic era.   The Trustees recognise that the Centre must be run along business lines and have conducted an extensive review leading to an action plan to ensure its long term success.

The fundamental requirement is to recruit people who have a commitment to helping the wider Kempston community, in a purely voluntary capacity, to ensure the long-term future of this vital local asset.   It is a challenging but equally rewarding role.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee please complete the form below giving full information

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