Ceroc Classes

7:15pm – Doors open

7:30pm – Beginners’ class

8:20pm – Freestyle practice

8:45pm – Intermediate class

8:45pm – Beginners recap class (second hall)

9:15pm – Freestyle session for all

10:45pm – Last track

Prices £10 per session  (7:30-10:45pm) or £75 for ten evenings

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Hourly Schedule

Ceroc Classes

7:30pm - 8:20pm
Beginners Class
8:20pm - 8:45pm
Freestyle Practice
8:45pm - 9:15pm
Intermediate Class
8:45pm - 9:15pm
Beginners Recap Session
Second Hall
9:15pm - 10:45pm
Freestyle lesson for all
Last Track at 10:45pm


Apr 18 2024


7:15 pm

4 Comments on “Ceroc Classes”

  1. Hi Coral

    You do not need to book for Ceroc Classes. Turn up for lesson and speak to Tracy at the desk for more information.


  2. Hi, what is Ceroc, is it a form.of dance? I would love to join a dance class for exercise reason. I would be grateful for your reply.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Venice. Yes it’s a dance lessons where you learn new moves. Further information can be found on the link below Ceroc. Thank you.

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